According to a new article from KCRG, the city of Muscatine will hold a special hearing this week to discuss the ban on pit bulls that was put in place back in 2003. There have been talks about potentially reversing the ban for over a year, but the city is now looking for community input. An article from the Muscatine Journal reads:

"The council discussed the issue during its Oct. 14 meeting, but no decision was reached, with the council saying it wanted to hear what the community had to say. During the meeting there was a split discussion, with at least three council members favoring keeping the ban in place."

Before March of 2020, the last time the ban was discussed was back in 2016, and the council decided to keep it in place. In the city's online documents, there is a chapter dedicated to the owning of pit bulls. It contains fifteen sections, and section section two outlines the ban. It reads, "It is unlawful to keep, harbor, own or in any way possess within the corporate limits of the city, any pit bull dogs."

According to Breed Specific Legislation Census, other Eastern Iowa cities that currently have bans on pit bulls include Monticello, Vinton, Maquoketa, Hopkinton, Ely, Dyersville, and more. But, there are a few cities that have decided to lift the ban in recent years. Anamosa voted to lift theirs back in 2018, and Sioux City did the same in 2019. A bill was proposed earlier this year that would end all dog breed bans in the state. You can read more about that HERE.

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