I'll admit it. I thought my current Alliant Energy power bill would be a lot less this month. I'm sure many of you are pulling up your bills online and saying "wait...I didn't have power for a week! Why is my bill the same?" Some residents have even seen higher than normal bills. CBS2 sat down with an Alliant Energy spokesperson who explained how billing will work in the wake of the derecho.

Alliant Spokesperson Morgan Hawk told CBS2 that customers are only billed for their usage. He stated that if you didn't have power for days, you will not be charged for those days you didn't have power. Hawk added that Alliant is also working on adding credits to next month's bills as another way of helping out their customers.

But then why have some people actually seen their bills go up? Hawks told CBS2 that some customers may have received a bill that estimated power usage during the derecho. It didn't account for their actual usage. If your bill was too high, you will get a new corrected bill that accounts for their real power usage.

Finally, thousands of other workers from across the nation came to Iowa and helped restore power to thousands of customers. Hawk told CBS2 that Alliant evaluate those costs as they move forward from the disaster. Its unknown what the overall financial impact of the storm will be. Right now, Hawk said the only goal is to make sure all the lights are back on.


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