Last week, we informed you that the Iowa House approved a bill that would increase the penalties for animal abuse, neglect, and tourture. The bill then headed to the Senate where Tuesday, it was approved! Now, those working to get this bill passed are closer than they've ever been.

This bill would classify certain animal abuse as a felony. According to CBS2/FOX28, it would create a "class D felony penalty for first offenses, which can be punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine up to $7,500. Second offenders found guilty would be convicted of a class C felony."

Although the bill is great for domestic animals, it does however exclude farm and livestock animals. KCCI reports that animal abuse bills have had resistance in the past, as many Iowa farmers didn't want it to interfere with their agricultural practices. Since this legislation leaves out livestock, it's getting a lot of support from all sides.

Animal rights leaders are hoping that this is the year that the legislation is passed and are confident that it will continue to move and land right on the Governor's desk. CBS2/FOX28 says that the bill will "need to pass a full Senate committee before Friday in order to remain eligible for the rest of the year." Fingers crossed!

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