[UPDATE 7/6/21]We've learned 11-year old Michael Jaramillo, who lost his life, and the others injured in the accident are from Cedar Rapids. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with expenses during this difficult time.

**UPDATE** Police have identified the person killed in the accident on the Raging River ride at Adventureland. KRCG reports the guest was 11-year old Michael Jaramillo. Adventureland staff joined police and fire medics to help the six confirmed injured in the accident. One juvenile guest remains in critical condition following the accident.


The always popular summer activity of going on rides on Adventureland in Altoona turned deadly this weekend. The amusement park confirmed on its Facebook page one patron has died and several others were hurt after an accident occurred in the Raging River attraction on Saturday, July 3. KCCI reports the ride will remain closed until an investigation is completed.

The Facebook post reads, in part:

Adventureland is saddened to learn of the passing of one Guest involved in the Raging River accident on the evening of 7/3/21.

The ride was found to be in working order the day prior

On its Facebook page in an earlier post speaking on the incident, Adventureland confirmed the Raging River ride overturned with 6 riders on it. 4 guests were transported to a local hospital with injuries, 3 critical and one minor - one of those with critical injuries was confirmed to have died. Adventureland also stated on July 2, the ride had passed inspection. It's unknown at this time exactly what happened to cause the raft to overturn.

The Raging River sets guests off on a circular raft down a stream where they experience twists and turns, and usually get soaked in the process.

Raging River can be seen on the lower right of the photo (Via Google)
Raging River can be seen on the lower portion of the photo (Via Google)

Raging Rivers' location made it difficult for rescuers to access

The KCCI report says the Raging Rivers rides remote location and distance from the entrance to the park made rescuers' jobs more difficult. The ride first opened back in 1983. The name of the deceased and the names of the injured have not yet been released by authorities. An investigation into the accident remains ongoing at this time.

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