According to a recent survey, a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people should average around $49.41.

Or, you could pay $35,000 for a 4 person dinner in a swanky New York City restaurant.

That's right; you could pay $8,750 a person for a 9-course Thanksgiving meal. The location is Old Homestead restaurant in New York City, and they want to give you the ultimate Thanksgiving experience. The meal includes things like edible 24-carat gold flakes, squab (which is actually pigeon), turkey stuffed with the world's best filet mignon, and sweet potatoes topped with some crazy expensive caviar.

It's not just about the food, though. It also includes a shopping spree, dance lessons, grandstand seating at the Macy's Parade, and limo transportation.

Call me crazy, but I prefer my mom's cheesy potatoes and a nap on the couch to fish eggs and pigeon.

If you were super rich and had a spare $35,000, would you splurge on this insanely pricey Thanksgiving meal? Comment below!

[Via ABC News]

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