Folks over in Central City have a reason to celebrate this week! According to Facebook, the once popular Stove House Family Restaurant is ready to make a comeback!

Back in the summer of 2020, Stove House Family Restaurant, located at 2 Al Waterhouse Ave in Central City, officially closed its doors to customers. Less than two years later, new owners are ready to breathe new life into the restaurant.

The new owner of Stove House Family Restaurant is Heidi Liegl, the owner of Cherry Meadow Winery & Distillery in Marion. I asked Heidi why she decided to reopen the local eatery, and here's what she told me:

"I own a winery and distillery in Marion and had started to look for property to expand, when I happened across the opportunity to reopen the Stove House. My husband (Patrick) is from Central City so we already knew what an iconic place it had been when it closed. It made sense to try and give back the restaurant to the town we both love so much!"

As far as changes go, there will be a few when it comes to the menu. Heidi explained that the menu will be "slimmed down a bit" to start, but that there will also be some new additions, like the Monti Cristo. They are also striving for a "home-cooked vibe," with real biscuits, fresh-made sides, and brewed iced tea. One thing that will stay the same? All day breakfast!

Stove House Family Restaurant is going to reopen in the very near future. They will host a soft opening from June 8th through 12th by reservation only. To make your reservation, you can message the restaurant's official Facebook page (the phones won't be working until Friday, June 1st). On June 8th through 10th, they will serve dinner from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and June 11th through 12th, they will serve breakfast/lunch from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The official grand opening will be Wednesday, June 15th.

I asked Heidi if there was anything else that she wanted customers to know, and she said:

"Mostly I’d like people to know - this is an establishment we have great respect for and only hope we can do it justice while changing things a bit to fit us, as the new owners. Oh! And to please be patient with us - we know how to make alcohol and are just learning how to run a restaurant."

For the latest updates from Stove House Family Restaurant, you can follow the official Facebook page HERE.

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