Anyone who's a fan of Jimmy Fallon's 'Lip Sync Battle' on "The Tonight Show" is going to LOVE this new show that premieres tonight!

One of my absolute FAVORITE sketches on "The Tonight Show" is when Jimmy Fallon brings celebrities on and has them duke it out in epic lip sync battles! I guess other people love it as much as I do, because Spike made an entire TV show around the concept! The show is called "Lip Sync Battle" the first episode is TONIGHT. It will feature Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

The contestants are all celebrities, and they all get to pick their own songs. Each contestant will have to prepare two songs, and they have to go all out - wardrobe, choreography... everything! The audience will be determining the winner each episode, with the winner receiving a special belt.

The show is hosted by LL Cool J and commentary is done by model Chrissy Teigen. Some of the confirmed contestants this season are John Legend, John Krasinski, Common, Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, and Anna Kendrick.

Get all the details on the show HERE.

Here's the preview!

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