A perfect food storm is brewing. It centers around two food related holidays coming this week. Friday is National Cheese Day AND National Donut Day! But before you go and melt a slice of swiss on a glazed donut, listen to this option first! How about diving in to a 'pizza-donut!'

Who is behind this incredible creation of two of my favorite foods? It's the pizza company DiGiorno. They've concocted an amazing food in their labs called 'DiGiornuts.' How great is that name? So what is in one of these amazing creations? The folks at ChewBoom report that the donut if filled with plenty of mozzarella cheese, and then topped with pizza sauce and even more of that wonderful mozzarella! One version even looks like it has shredded pepperoni on it!

I'm going to be honest with you. I'm down for this. I love pizza. You clearly are well aware of my affinity for donuts. I think these look great! The only downside is that this is another online contest with a limited number of pizza-donuts actually handed out.

Head to Twitter and follow DiGiorno. Search for their tweet about their new pizza-donuts and reply to that tweet using the #Sweepstakes. Ten lucky winners will be randomly selected and win boxes of the new DiGiornuts. Enter now and good luck! And if you win, pass one along to this donut junkie!


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