If you want to throw your child a super fun birthday party, but you don't want to do all the work, there is another option!

The Family Room in Central City is a pretty unique little place. According to their Facebook page:

"The Family Room is both a physical meeting space or party room, and a mobile party and event business! We host small private events, offer party packages for kids' birthday parties, murder mystery dinners, escape rooms, and more!"

Located at 429 East Main Street, the Family Room came on my radar this week when I saw a photo of one of their birthday party options. They offer several different party packages for kids, and many of those packages can be set up at the venue in Central City OR at your own home. When I was little, my whole world revolved around sleepover parties, so my inner child was very excited when I came across their adorable new slumber party package. It includes tents, air mattresses, sheets, and decor for up to six kiddos. Check out how cute it is!

In addition to the Slumber Party Package, there's also the Dino Dig Package, the Slime Party Package, the Dart Gun War Party Package, and the Spa Party Package. If you choose to have the parties at your home, they do include delivery, set-up, and tear-down, which makes things even easier! You can read more about each one HERE. Check out a few photos from the Family Room Facebook page:

The Family Room is just one of the cool locally-owned businesses I've discovered on the Deetz - Let's Support Local! Facebook page. It's a great place to read about Eastern Iowa places that you may have never heard of before, and to ask for suggestions from other Iowans. You can join the group HERE!

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