Season three of ABC's 'American Idol' kicked off another week of auditions last night, and we're happy to report that a guy from Iowa was featured on the episode... even if he didn't get a golden ticket.

This week's episode of 'American Idol' took an interesting turn when contestant Jared Lettow made his way into the audition room. Jared, who currently lives in Santa Barbara, California, made sure to let the judges know that he's originally from Des Moines, Iowa. When asked by Luke Bryan if he had any special vocal skills, he was quick to inform them that he is a self-taught yodeler.

Jared went on to perform an original song called “California Yodeler,” and the reactions from the judges were priceless. After his audition, he gave all three of them a quick yodeling lesson, but, unfortunately, it wasn't enough to land him a ticket to Hollywood. Even though he got a "no-dle," Jared said that he is still going to continue to yodel.

If that's not enough yodeling for you, Jared has also started posting videos on a new YouTube channel. You can check that out HERE.

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