It's a strange time in American politics. Things got increasingly stranger yesterday as I discovered that President Trump fired the director of the FBI, James Comey. It's no secret that Comey had many detractors on both sides of the aisle and I'm not going to make the case for saving his job. But the timing of his firing should make every American stop and shudder. The President fired the head of the federal agency in charge of an investigation into the President and his staff and their ties to Russia.

The White House, of course, says that isn't the reason Comey was fired. In documents filed by the justice department, they list the botched investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails as the reason for his dismissal. Really? Then why didn't the President mention that issue at all in his letter firing Comey? Why did then-candidate Trump praise Comey's actions last October? Why didn't President Trump fire Comey when he took office January 20th? Why did President Trump single out Comey for his service on January 22nd? It was only after damaging testimony this week by former Attorney General Sally Yates on the Russia investigation that Comey was fired. You don't fire the head of the agency investigating you and expect to look like you have nothing to hide. Not to mention, President Trump was advised to fire Comey by the justice department, headed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions who recused himself from the Russia investigation because he lied UNDER OATH about meeting with Russian officials. How is that not a conflict of interest?

Several months ago when Comey and the FBI confirmed they were investigating the Trump administration's ties to Russia, firing Comey should have been taken off the table. Since AG Sessions recused himself from the proceedings, Comey was the point man on the Russia investigation. Now the investigation sits rudderless, awaiting the President to appoint a successor.

What will history say about May 9th, 2017? Many were comparing it to 1973 when President Nixon fired the Watergate special prosecutor and his staff. Fortunately for this country, his replacement was just as diligent and Nixon's crimes were uncovered. Who will President Trump appoint? Will that person continue to investigate the Russian interference with our election? Or will they attempt to sweep it under the rug? Perhaps it's time for an independent council appointed by Congress to take over the investigation.

A discussion of this topic got nasty on social media last night. Partisan politics at it's finest. When are leaders from both sides of the aisle going to step up and stop worrying about re-election and instead worry about what is happening to our country? History is full of brave leaders. We could sure use a few more of them today.

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