There's a new place to get your caffeine fix the next time you're over in the Amanas!

Edelweiss Coffee & Tea Co. is a cute new coffee shop located in the Visitor Center at 622 46th Avenue in Amana. The shop offers a variety of drip coffees, lattes, cold brews, iced coffees, smoothies, teas, and tea lemonades, as well "fun tea supplies and coffee drinkware." The tea and coffee available at Edelweiss is all local, too! It comes from the Tea Cellar in Cedar Falls, Midwest Chai in Cedar Rapids, and Capanna in North Liberty. Edelweiss has also teamed up with Colony Cottage Bakery, another Amana business, and will soon be offering baked goods and treats to their customers.

Edelweiss Coffee & Tea Co. is owned by Kayleigh and Michael Myers, who are no strangers to the Amana Colonies. They previously owned the shop The Rusty Tractor, which was located at 4535 220th Trail. The Rusty Tractor offered home decor, women’s clothing, and accessories, as well as loose leaf tea. Owner Kayleigh told me that they decided to switch things up because the retail aspect could be a lot to handle, especially with three sons under the age of four! She told me:

"Last year we renovated a horse trailer into 'The RusTEA Trailer' and took it all over Iowa serving our popular Tea Lemonades and an assortment of our drinks at different events. I fell in love with the public interaction that you get while making someone a drink. Selling someone a shirt is a quick transaction but the little bit of time it takes to make a drink, I learned so much about who I was making it for."

If hearing the word "Edelweiss" makes you think of The Sound of Music, you're not alone! Kayleigh revealed that the song's well-known lyric "every morning you greet me," fits with their goals. She said, "we want to help be the smiling face that welcomes you to beautiful Amana while visiting."

Edelweiss Coffee & Tea Co. is currently open daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., but those hours will soon change from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The menu is going to be expanding in the near future, as well. The shop also offers delivery days where they will deliver beverages to all 7 villages of the Amana Colonies and surrounding areas (with a two drink minimum). Orders can be placed by calling 319-460-0733 or messaging the shop on Facebook. For the latest updates on delivery, hours, and the menu, you can following the Facebook page HERE.

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