I was driving through Cedar Rapids last night, when I happened to notice a big sign at the corner of 27th St NE and 1st Ave NE. The sign indicated that the building would be the new home of Tomaso's Pizza! After doing a little research, I discovered that the popular restaurant's Cedar Rapids location will be changing in early 2023.

Tomaso's owner Holly Carfrae informed me that their lease at 3234 Center Point Rd NE will be up in March of 2023, so the restaurant will be moving over to 2706 1st Ave NE. Other than the building, nothing else about the restaurant is expected to change. She told me:

"Our famous pizza will be exactly the same… people the same. [There will be] bigger booths, large farm style table for larger groups, a bigger beer and wine selection… and possibly to-go beer. I think Cedar Rapids will be excited about this."

The new spot is almost double the size of their current location, which means there's still a lot of work to be done before it can open to customers. They hope to get it up and running late in 2022, but for sure by early 2023.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In the meantime, pizza-lovers can still enjoy the food at the Cedar Rapids Tomaso's location, as well as the other two locations in Marion and Hiawatha! The Cedar Rapids one isn't set to close until the new restaurant is ready to open, so it will be business as usual until then. You can check out the latest updates from the Cedar Rapids Tomaso's HERE.

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