Our Corridor on Tap craft beer event is returning to downtown Cedar Rapids on Saturday, November 21. We thought we might help you get ready for the event with a few interesting beer factoids. Break out one of two of these with your drinking buddies and they'll be saying, "I'll have what he's having!"

  • 1

    Bad Batch

    The ancient Babylonians took their beer so seriously that if you brewed a bad batch, your punishment was to be drowned in it.

  • 2

    Save Water, Drink Beer

    Beer is actually mostly composed of water. What's really interesting is that different kinds of water are better-suited for making different types of beer. Bonus fact: In the middle ages, beer was consumed more than water because the alcohol made it safer to drink.

  • 3

    Beer Heaven

    The Vikings believed that a giant goat awaited them in heaven. What's so special about a giant goat? Well, it was believed that the goat's udders provided an endless supply of beer. Valhalla, anyone?

  • 4

    Beer Fears

    There is a chance you might suffer from cenosillicaphobia if you are afraid of having an empty glass. But really, who wants an empty beer glass?

  • 5

    Keep Those Bottles Upright

    The proper way to store a bottle of beer is upright since it minimizes oxidation and contamination from the bottle cap.

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