...which could cause a problem, since 80% of people in relationships expect to get something for the holiday.

Valentine's Day... some people love it, and some people love to hate it. Whatever you decide to do to celebrate is 100% up to you and your significant other, so don't let the pressure get to you! Here are some interesting V-Day stats!

  • 78% of people plan on spending $$$ this Valentine's Day, and $93.30 is the average amount.
  • Men do plan on spending a little more than the ladies, with an average of $113 compared to $70.
  • Single people celebrate, too! 24% of them, to be exact.
  • 30% of people don't plan anything for the holiday until the day of. Surprisingly, women are more likely to forget than men.
  • On average, people start making their plans 11 days in advance.
  • Out of the 80% of people who expect to get something this Valentine's Day, 52% want dinner, 51% want a little sexual healing, 44% want a card, 36% want chocolate, and 34% want flowers.

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