Being part of the generation that grew up watching 'Mean Girls', my brain can't help but think of the line that goes, "Halloween is the one day a year girls can dress ... um ... however they want ... and no one can judge". Those aren't the exact words, but if you know, you know.

But something I've found to be true is I'd rather wear a onesie than a "sexy costume" for so many reasons. Maybe that's why I find these 2020 sexy Halloween costumes extra ridiculous. These costumes are coming from the site Yandy who's a big retailer of "sexy costumes" for Halloween.

Let's just jump right into these, and I'm just going to assume these are pretty self explanatory and I don't need to give you much more details.


So ... Tiger King, mail in voting, postal workers, quarantine boredom ... notice a huge part of 2020 that doesn't have a costume? Yandy announced they won't be doing any costumes themed around COVID-19. Yandy's Vice President said -

I don't think there's anything sexy about it.

Honestly, good for them. But I'm just curious what they thought WAS sexy about Mister Rogers when they made this one ...

But like I said, I'd opt for the onesie. You can store candy in the pockets, you won't get cold, and if you have a little too much fun and fall asleep you're basically already in pajamas.

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