There are small towns all over Iowa, but just how small are we talking? Only in Your State reports that there are over 100 towns in Iowa with less than 300 residents. The site narrowed down the tiniest of the tiny towns in our beloved state and some of them you may have never even heard of! Or if you have heard of them, you just may never have seen them because these towns are so small you could blink and miss them!

Here are ten of the tiniest towns in Iowa:


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    Garden Grove

    According to Wikipedia, Garden Grove has a total population of 211 people in the 2010 census. I graduated high school with more than double that! The site also reports that the United States Census Bureau shows the city having a total area of 0.69 square miles.

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    This little town is located in northeast Iowa and is over 125 years old, according to Wikipedia. As of 2014, the city is home to 205 residents as reported by

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    Wikipedia states that this town was named after the 21st president of the U.S. Chester A. Arthur. This town is home to 206 people as of 2010.

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    Volga prides itself on the fact that it holds "the state's largest natural white pine grove, and majestic limestone cliffs". It's also a great place for fishing and canoeing. Despite the beauty, City-Data reports that this little town only had a population of 206 people in 2014.

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    The last census recorded this town at a population of 203 occupants. That's pretty easy to believe, when you see how it looks on the map. It's basically just a square area totaling 0.2 square miles of pure land located in Buena Vista County, according to Wikipedia.

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    Parnell's last census recorded 193 residents. That's barely a town!

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    Melvin is a little town in Osceola County that's home to 214 residents and surrounded with fields (as you can see in the photo).

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    South English

    This city is in Keokuk County, Iowa and has 207 occupants according to Wikipedia as of 2015.

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    College Springs

    It's a tiny town located in Page County, Iowa. And it's home to 214 people.

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    Clutier is nestled in Tama County with 210 residents. And according to Only In Your State, it's the home of the Bohemian Plum Festival!