The big 5-0 is closing in.  Or maybe you're already in your 50's.  It doesn't mean you have to stop being "cool"!  So what are some things you need to do, or stop doing once you hit 50?  We though you'd never ask!

  1. Embrace your baldness:  Shave your head!
  2. If you HAVE hair keep it trimmed.  It's OK to dye or let it go gray.
  3. Wear a nice watch.
  4. Use moisturizer
  5. If you're single, date women close to your age.
  6. Do NOT spray tan.
  7. Do NOT grow a soul patch.
  8. Do NOT wax your body hair, especially your chest.
  9. Do NOT get a facelift.
  10. Do NOT text your kid's friends, or "follow" them on social media.

Good luck!  Remember, being "cool" is a state of mind!