[onescreen item="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTsB4RARL3c"]So many times in racing you hear of "the big one" happening. The wreck that takes out a bunch of cars or damages a lot of equipment. Well.. this happened in Wisconsin over the weekend with snow and slippery road conditions.

Driving in the Winter-time here in the Midwest, the roads can turn from dry to a sheet of ice in less than a mile and when cars start piling up in front of you... you need to be on your best defense. Driving a racecar is a lot like this video. To keep yourself safe... here's a few tips racecar drivers do. Don't drive faster than your ability. Always look farther ahead than the end of your hood on your vehicle. By seeing what's ahead... you can start your defensive driving.. and if your seeing brake lights, slow down and look for an out to get your vehicle out of harms way. If there is a wreck.... do not leave your vehicle unless your safely out of the way. It's actually better to stay in your vehicle and wait for Emergency Personnel. Racecar drivers don't unbuckle until the wreckers are on the track. As you can see in this video... just when it looks like it's clear... it starts up again. Arrive alive!!!