It started out as a normal Monday.  Up at 3am, shower, dressed, all ready to go to work. Then it hit me.  I had a feeling that sent me running to the bathroom and I got sick.  Only I hadn't eaten since 6pm the night before.  When I looked down, I saw light red in the liquid.  It alarmed me, but I headed into work - and a few minutes after I arrived at work, it happened again.  Only this time it was more intense.  So I calmly walked down to Brain's office and said, "hey man, I'm throwing up blood...I am gonna head to the ER."

A few hours and an endoscopy later they found the culprit - an pretty significant bleeding ulcer.  I was admitted to the CCU (Critical Care Unit) at St Luke's.  They had cauterized the ulcer and stopped the bleeding, but they wanted to keep me overnight for observation.  I was released yesterday afternoon and I can't say enough great things about the doctors, nurses and staff at St Luke's.  They've pinpointed the cause (NSAID use - aspirin, ibuprofen, etc...) so I have completely cut those out and I am on the mend!  Thanks to everyone who sent messages, offered up thoughts and prayers.  The pics below include the first solid food I was allowed after 32 hours of nothing but liquids, and also my face when they uncovered the food!

My first solid food in 32 hours in the hospital!
My face when I saw the first solid food I was able to eat in 32 hours.