A piece of my history is "on the block." Yesterday my mom and I put my grandma's electric organ up for sale.  I didn't think making the post on Craigslist would make me as emotional as it did.  This organ was a HUGE part of grandma and grandpa's house.  If grandma didn't play it every time we visited, I would at least sit at it and marvel in all the buttons, pedals, and keys.  But it wasn't very often that she didn't play it.  And when she did, my brother and I would run, jump, and dance around the room and sing along (even if we didn't know the words.)

She never used sheet music and the "set list" was pretty tight.  It included the smash hit "March of the Wooden Soldiers" and the un-politically correct "Too Fat Polka" to name a couple of songs.  When my grandma passed away in 2013, the organ - while still in working condition - was silenced.  I am happy for the memories, and will be sad to see it go.  I hope it will continue to make memories for the next family.