I am not sure why, but I have always had some sort of emotional attachment to the Olympics.  In 1976, when the "closing ceremonies" were on tv for the Summer Games in Montreal - I cried.  What six year old cries because the Olympics are over?  It's weird, I know, but I still get kinda bummed out when the two weeks are over and the flame goes out and the athletes head home.

I was seriously into these Olympics.  I think I watched at least an hour every single day.  Maybe it's the spirit of competition that gets me going.  Maybe it's the nation vs nation fervor that gets me excited.  All I know is when it's over...I am bummed.  My wife came to bed last night and I was watching the closing ceremonies and I told her "I'm kinda sad these are done."  She got into bed, kissed me goodnight, rolled over and went to sleep.  I guess the Olympics don't have the same effect on all of us.