The world lost one of its greatest comedic talents yesterday, and we now know how Robin Williams' took his own life.

Though a final cause of death won't be certified for several weeks, Marin County, California Sheriff's Lieutenant Keith Boyd has announced that Robin Williams committed suicide by hanging.  Boyd reported that Williams was found in his bedroom late Monday morning, by his assistant.  He had a belt around his neck, cuts to his left wrist, and a pocket knife was also found.

We all know someone who suffers from depression and I encourage you to reach out to them and tell them you love them.  It just might save a life.  Please do it today.

This afternoon, I'll be remembering Robin with audio from his first sitcom appearance and montages of his funniest moments.  Needless to say, there are many.

People around the world continue to react to news of his death:

Robin's daughter Zelda:

Last night, a friend of mine posted the poem below.  #RIP Robin Williams.  The world will miss you, but you'll never be forgotten.

Robin Williams' bright light has gone out and let some of the darkness in,
And only God understands why.
We who are left behind are not to understand,
But maybe we have to accept.
We have to accept that for a little while,
Robin Williams' bright light was sent to be among us,
For us to enjoy,
And now he's gone back to God,
Where his bright light can shine forever.
Please don't be sad for him,
He has gone to a place where he will be happy always,
And he will forever, remember your love.