It was 1982. Comedian Robin Williams was at the Paramount Theatre for a performance. Someone from the crowd asked Williams how he liked Cedar Rapids. Williams responded:

"You mean the City of Five Smells?"

A slogan was born.

Williams was, of course, poking fun at the well-known aroma of CR. On any given day, you can wake up to the smell of cinnamon oatmeal or animal compost. Between the processing plants in and around the city to the lingering scent of Mount Trashmore, Cedar Rapids certainly has a fragrance. It's not necessarily always appealing, but it's definitely distinctive.

Later in his act back in '82, Williams acted out a skit where he was a passenger in a cab:

“This your first time in Cedar Rapids, Mr. Williams?” the cabbie said. “I’ll close the windows.”

(Information courtesy of The Cedar Rapids Gazette)