For my wife and I it happened about once a year.  I'd shoot her a look...she'd shoot me a look...and then it was "go time."

I'm talking about an annual pilgrimage to Long John Silver's.  She'd go fish and chicken and I'd go fish and shrimp.  Then there were the hush puppies and the "crunchies"...oh the "crunchies."

The company that owns Long John Silver's announced this week that it would be closing several of its locations - including those in Cedar Rapids.  We're being told it's mainly because of recent poor health ratings for their meals.  My thought is - "who goes to Long John Silver's for health food?"  These closures apparently aren't going to happen over the next six months.  They're happening NOW.  So if you're a fan, grab that final carton of "Lobster Bites" before it's too late!