Football preseason has started and the regular season will soon follow. That means the halftime performer for the game's biggest event, the Super Bowl, will be announced shortly after.

Three artists have emerged as likely finalists for the gig: Coldplay, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. Carrie Underwood was rumored to be in the running as well but her name seems to have been dropped from the discussion...or has it? We shall see when the official announcement is made (generally within the first couple of weeks of the season). Obviously, they are looking for a big name to maintain interest through the intermission of the big game.

Of the three, my choice would be Coldplay, although Katy Perry seems like a no-brainer. Rihanna is a bit of a trickier option. It's not that she isn't popular or talented, I just feel like, from what I've seen, she's a bit more controversial in her performance style. I think there's a chance that she might put Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" to shame.

The NFL has been cracking down in many areas of their business recently, including the announcement this week that they are considering asking Super Bowl halftime performers to pay THEM for the opportunity to do the show. The artists would either have to pay specifically to headline the halftime show, or contribute a portion of their post-Bowl touring revenue to the NFL. I don't see this as a viable idea but we will see what potential performers think.

Who would you like to see at the Super Bowl halftime show? Do you think any performer will go for the "pay-to-play" idea? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.