If you listen to the show or read my blogs, you have undoubtedly heard me talk about our bulldog Chilli.  He makes me laugh - every single day.  He also can be cuddly every so often, and his taste in movies and TV shows is quite good (he LOVES Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon and his favorite show is Survivor.)

One thing that astounds me is his ability to tell time.  I'm not talking about reading a clock.  Every Monday my wife works until 6pm.  Every other day of the week she is home earlier.  But on Mondays, no matter what he and I are doing, at 5pm he hops into his chair and sits there, longingly looking for "mom."  He will sit there, watching out the front window until she arrives.  It's uncanny how this works with him.  And they call a dog MAN'S best friend?