We've had several discussion on the air about Christmas music and shopping an then there are the Christmas lights.  When is too soon?  What is too gaudy?  What should be outlawed (ok...that's the discussion I have in MY head)?

Yesterday afternoon and even, Misty and I took our task at hand and got the Steele family outdoor lights up and on!  And when I say "on", I mean - long enough to make sure they looked good, all were functioning properly, and then they were unplugged...for the time being.  See, I am a creature of control (some call it OCD).  I look days - sometimes weeks - in advance and if the weather looks even the slightest bit dicey...I get those lights up.  BUT...THEY WILL NOT BE ON FOR THE SEASON UNTIL THANKSGIVING NIGHT!  You have my promise!

You also have my promise you will NEVER see ANYTHING inflatable, motorized, or molded plastic figurines in our display.  We keep it simple...and shake our heads at others.

What kind of light display make you shake your head and run??

Picture by Scott Steele