I will never doubt the Farmers Almanac again.  It forecast a very tough winter.  And you talk about nailing a forecast...  Here's where we stand in this winter of unfriendly repeats:

Blizzard Warning in effect until 3am Monday for winds, gusting up to 50 mph, which will likely create visibility near zero at times.  

Dangerous cold with lows Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night of -11, -22, and -13 respectively.  Monday's high temperature?  -8.  The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities tells me -8 would be the 5th coldest day in Cedar Rapids in the last 60 years and would equal the balmy -8 we enjoyed on another Monday earlier this month (the 6th).

To Old Man Winter, I say this:  You win.  We throw up the white flag.  We've had enough.

And please Punxsutawney Phil, when you emerge to daylight at 6:27 Iowa time next Sunday morning, let it be the cloudiest of days.  We can't bear the thought of six more weeks of this.  Officially less than 53 days til spring, and it can't come soon enough.