We just finished up the 16th week of the year, so for my 'sweet 16' I decided to watch a romance flick. My latest movie of choice was: Ghost (1990).

I'm not one to watch romantic movies, but this one has Patrick Swayze in it, so I made an exception. Overall, it was an entertaining movie. I was totally sucked in. Like most romances, though, it was incredibly predictable. As soon as the scene occurred where Sam told Carl he was working on a banking issue and Carl offered to do it for him, I KNEW. I KNEW he was a shady guy. The fact that Molly couldn't figure it out was a little annoying. If your husband dies and his best friend immediately tries to seduce you, you have to know he's a crappy guy.

Also, I know the scenes where Willie and Carl are dragged off by those demon-like hooded figures are supposed to be really serious, but I couldn't help but laugh. The special effects in 1990 were not great, it was kind of like watching a cartoon. I was pretty satisfied that they died, though. I just thought they were going to end up in jail or something.

There are still 8 more months left in the year! Leave your classic movie suggestions for me below!