Dear Brain and Steele,

I’m writing you both today as a concerned parent. I have a ten year old son who loves football. Nothing unusual for a boy his age. He has played some flag football the past few years, but until this year hasn’t been eligible to play tackle football. Well, this fall he’ll meet the age requirement to put on the pads and start hitting.

One part of me is excited about this. I played football in high school and it was the time of my life. I wasn’t great, but I really enjoyed playing the game. However, my feelings on football have changed since then. I’m now in my 40’s, and my body is not in great shape. My joints are sore, I have one bad shoulder that will probably require surgery, and I believe that the wear and tear of football had something to do with this. Plus, with all the concussions happening in all ranks of football today, I am worried about my son’s safety.

I’m seriously considering not letting my son play tackle football. It sounds horrible, and he may hate me for it, but I believe that someday he may thank me for it. Do any other parents share my concerns? Should I ban him from tackle football? Or have I become something I swore I never would be….an over protective parent.

Thanks guys.




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