Stop me if you've heard this before: Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett is advocating for a casino in Cedar Rapids. Sigh.

This time around, Corbett is pitching an improvised application that would allocate 100 percent of the city's casino revenue to a delayed flood protection system. You have to give him points for determination.

Corbett has been proposing a CR casino for years. The idea has been passed over twice, most recently in 2014, when the five-member Racing and Gaming Commission voted 4-1 to reject a casino license for Cedar Crossings.

If a casino were a unique idea or if the proposal still had broad public support, you could sympathize with Corbett. The problem is that neither of those is true.

Numerous studies have shown that the market is over-saturated -- Iowa currently has 19 state-licensed casinos for a population of around 3 million people. Many citizens are also tired of hearing about a casino. We posted a blog a few months ago about the topic, and the majority of you were against a casino in Cedar Rapids.

At this point, Corbett seems like a dog with only one bone. Is he repeatedly pushing the same idea because it's the only idea he has?

We can do better. We can come up with a more unique, creative option for Cedar Rapids. The dream of a casino in CR is dead. Many of you already realize this. Why doesn't our mayor?