When it's this cold outside, you just want to snuggle up, grab a blanket and watch something good on television, right?  One of the newest terms making it's way around is "binge watching".  It's when you watch multiple epidodes of a tv show, all at once.  I discovered this last year as I was introduced to the show Breaking Bad.  I was hooked.  I watched all 5 seasons on Netflix in a matter of weeks.  I then binge watched the 8 remaining episodes on Amazon instant video.  When the show was over, I was crushed.  What could fill the void?  Enter, House of Cards.

House of Cards is on Netflix, the monthly movie and tv streaming service.  Season One was released last spring.  All 13 episodes were released at once, perfect for binge watching.  And if you haven't yet seen this show, you are missing out on one of the best.  Kevin Spacey is ruthless in his efforts to advance in a corrupt Washington D.C.  Sometimes this show frightens me in it's authenticity.   Robin Wright is just as demonstrative in her actions, but with a kinder and gentler touch.

Season Two debuts on Febuary 14th, but only if you subscribe to Netflix.  I suggest you binge watch season one now.  It's just too cold to do anything else.