There's a certain acceptance in that giant step you take at a certain time in your life when you finally realize you're just getting older. Older than dirt.

If that thought brings you down, don't let it. One thing we can count on is that indulging any fun old memory of friendship is always good for the soul.

Listening to the playlist of the high school soundtrack, and having a few laughs is a good starting point to each day and a fine daily goal for anyone. It can help generate a bit of gratitude for each day and that's a good thing.

It's also fair to note that you're not alone. We are all getting older than dirt.

Here's proof.

Now, do you remember these five?

  1. Mr. Bill’s Pizza in Marion. A very good reputation for pizza, they cut their pies into little squares. It was noted they also had at least one unique item on the menu, genuine frog legs.
  2. Riverside Ceramics in the Time Check area. People from all over Cedar Rapids recalled their projects of ceramics, clay, glazes, greenware, etc.
  3. Daniel’s Grocery, described as a mom and pop store across from Daniels Park on Oakland Road at H Ave. NE. Wood floors, great meat counter.
  4. The Toadstool Sandwich from the Cork n Fork? A burger simmered in a cream of mushroom sauce. The Cork n Fork closed in 2014.
  5. Alfalfa’s Deli in the Lindale Mall lower level and Souper’s on 10th St. Both were said to be owned by Elijah Wood’s parents.
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