A casual country fan may only know that Willie Nelson sings country music and smokes a lot of marijuana. These things are true, but there's so much more to this country legend. This episode of You Think You Know Country? explores the singer's dark side.

Friends say Nelson has gone through more personal heartbreak than a man twice his age. Tax issues and divorces are two obvious issues, but did you know he once contemplated suicide? That was decades before his own son would take his life.

There's also great theory as to why Willie has all that hair, but you'll need to watch to see it.

Before becoming a hitmaker of his own Nelson wrote one of the greatest country songs of all time. However, he struggled for a long time prior to signing his first record deal. Watch to learn all about his early career, that shootout with his son-in-law and the scandalous lawsuit that's scandalous even by 2017 standards. Then be sure to subscribe to the Taste of Country YouTube channel so you don't miss next Monday's episode of You Think You Know Country?

You Think You Know '90s Country?

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