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If you've never lived in the Midwest, there's probably a lot you don't understand. Why are people wearing sandals when it's only 50 degrees? Why is everyone so obsessed with ranch dressing? Why would anyone buy pizza from a gas station? What is a truck and tractor pull? What the heck does "ope" mean? I think you have to live here to truly "get" the magic of the Midwest.

I grew up near Detroit, Michigan, so I've been a Midwesterner my entire life. But, because I grew up in the suburbs near a major city, I didn't start to experience the more rural side of life until I moved to Iowa seven years ago. Now I feel like a TRUE Midwesterner, because I've had the best of both worlds!

This week, my social media feeds have been overrun with a hilarious screenshot that has been making the rounds. Both my Iowa AND Michigan friends have shared it, so that's how you know it's good! The initial post was from a Twitter account called Kanye West Indies. He asked the question, "how do you politely tell your visitor that it's time to go home?" The response from Facebook user Sarah Aldridge is pure gold. She responded:

"If you're from the Midwest, you just say, 'welp' really forcefully and slap your knees with your hands, then stand up. Other Midwesterners will recognize the signal and say, 'spose we should head out.'"

This inspired us to thinks about some other things that only Midwesterners would understand. We asked listeners on Facebook to complete the sentence: "You know you're from the Midwest when..." The responses were GOLD! Here are a few of our favorites (feel free to share yours in the comments!):

You Know You're From the Midwest When...

We asked listeners to complete the sentence: "You know you're from the Midwest when..." and we got some very accurate responses! Here's a look at some of our favorites.

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