A new Willy Wonka inspired contest from Bud Light could land you two Super Bowl tickets for the rest of your life!

Bud Light is the official sponsor of the NFL, and last week they announced a new Super Bowl contest. It's pretty simple, actually: purchase an 18, 24, or 30-pack of Bud Light labeled “Strike Gold,” and look for a gold can. If you're lucky enough to get one of those cans, post a photo to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or BudLight.com with the hashtags '#SBTix4Life' and '#Sweeps.' Each week through January 13th, one lucky person will be selected to win a pair of season tickets for their favorite NFL team. The one grand prize winner will get two tickets for every Super Bowl for the rest of their life (or 51 years, whatever comes first).

After doing a little more research on their website, I also found out that you don't technically need to find a gold can to win, you can make one yourself by downloading a free gold can wrap by clicking HERE.

Since Super Bowl tickets are insanely expensive, I'm thinking there's a lot of people out there who would love to win this contest. For more details and rules, click HERE.

[Via Fortune]