Tired of waiting in line to get into the club? Aren't you just wishing you could hit a bar where everyone knows your name 'cuz they live with you? Well, then I have a house for YOU! It's located in the state of Indiana and will cost you less than a million bucks. OHH, and that nightclub it's got inside, you can make money off this house by charging your friends and their plus one to show up.

This house looks ordinary...

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, this home has been on the market, according to Zillow, for almost 220 days. Our home, which you'll see the photos of below, is highlighted by a snazzy nightclub, including a full bar. But, it also has a pool and nice kitchen and dining space. The home is listed at $799,900 and boasts of being surrounded by million-dollar homes. Here are some quick stats on the home before we see inside, and check out the club.

  • 5,049 sq. feet
  • 5 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom
  • Quiet, located in an exclusive cul-de-sac
  • Built in 1983, with lots of upgrades over the year
  • The land totals half an acre
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While moving to Indiana to get a home is likely low on your list of things you'd like to do, it's fun to fantasize, no? So without any further ado, let's go inside this massive home and see the home. And that nightclub! Cue the bassy music, obnoxious drunks, and sleazy dudes! Or, your spouse and kids. I mean, if it's your house it's certainly your call. Leave the drunks at the pool!

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