Dreams are coming true for more female student-athletes at an Iowa college as women's wrestling becomes part of their athletic department.

At Division III Cornell in Mt. Vernon, the search is on for a coach as the program looks to a 2023 debut. Iowa's News Now says that renovations are underway in the Cornell gym to their facilities but more importantly, to those who can participate.

Alexis Partida is a sophomore at Cornell. She wrestled in high school but the only real involvement she's been able to have in the sport at Cornell is to manage the men's team. This week's announcement is indeed a dream come true for Alexis and others like her. She actually got some insider information on the news a little early as she was asked to make a graphic to help announce it.

It was very hard to keep that big of information and I was just really excited about it

After the mecca of men's college wrestling, the University of Iowa became the first Power 5 school to announce the addition of a women's program. Division III Wartburg in Waverly joined the trend, and so did Simpson College in Indianola. Now Cornell follows suit. It was an announcement that had been intended to come previously but Alexis says COVID pushed back the plans.

We look forward to following the journey of Alexis Partida and her teammates at Cornell, as well as the competitors at the now 10 other college women’s wrestling programs in Iowa that already compete or plan to by at least 2023-24.

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