There are some incredible creeps in our city. Just a few months ago, we shared several stories of men approaching women. Now, comes a different but also very disturbing situation.

A woman visited the Wilson Avenue Hy-Vee in Cedar Rapids Thursday night at about 9:30. When she exited her vehicle she made note of a man an aisle away who moved inside the vehicle so he wouldn't be seen. She didn't think too much of it until she came out of the store and found this under her windshield wiper.

Facebook/Travis Baker
Facebook/Travis Baker

Yes, there was a phone number on the note and the vehicle that had been an aisle away was then parked right next to hers! The same man again tried to move inside the vehicle so he couldn't be seen.

The woman did exactly what you should do in that situation. She didn't take time to look at the note. She got out of there and also noted the license plate number. When she was safe she looked at the note and then alerted police.

Her brother's Facebook post says the Cedar Rapids Police Department ran the plates and phone number and they're associated with a sex offender.

Stay safe and, as she did, if you see something, say something to authorities... but only when you're out of harm's way yourself.

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