A woman wanted to honor her mom after her death by naming her new dog after the matriarch.

She wanted to choose a name that had a more "personal meaning" behind it.

The 60-year-old woman took to Reddit explaining her family was outraged after she named her rescue dog after her late mom, calling her "disrespectful."

"My husband and I recently rescued a new dog and named her Penelope in honor of my mother who passed away last year," the woman wrote via Reddit, according to the Mirror.

After her family found out the canine's name, they took issue with it.

Fatty Corgi via Unsplash
Fatty Corgi via Unsplash

"My family has said they think that is very weird and disrespectful," she wrote. "They said if I wanted to honor her, I should have taken my mother's cat when she passed instead of asking my brother to."

The confused dog owner asked other dog owners for their opinion as she didn't see anything wrong with the gesture. She was met with mixed reactions.

"You are allowed to name your dog whatever you want," one person wrote, according to the outlet, while another commented: "It’s not weird or disrespectful. My dad named two dogs, at separate times, after his late brother. People find comfort in it and your family is a bit weird for being so upset about it."

On the flip side, other users agreed with the family that naming the dog after her late mom was odd.

"I wouldn’t want to connect my late mother and your dog either," a user scoffed. "You can and have named your dog whatever you want but claiming a name that matters to other people then includes the feelings of other people."

Another added: "It is kinda odd but that's alright I guess. Everyone grieves differently. You probably should have named her something resembling your mother's name instead of her actual name though."

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