Well, this is a first but, admittedly, you're about to see one screaming scooter.

Tuesday morning started just like any normal day in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin suburb of West Allis. That is until about 9:50 a.m. when a 21-year-old Milwaukee man aboard a scooter was spotted by a police sergeant.

According to WISN, a sergeant witnessed the scooter traveling more than 40 miles per hour (YES, 40!) near West National Avenue and 87th Street. He attempted a traffic stop of the rocket racer, but the two-wheel terror took off.

The Milwaukee maniac went onto the railroad tracks for a time during the pursuit by at least four of West Allis' finest. Then he roared back onto the road, blowing through stop signs and even traveling on sidewalks at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

The chase finally ended at Greenfield Avenue and 77th Street with police apprehending the wild man on wheels. He's 21, and from Milwaukee. That's all we know. He has not been identified. I'm guessing this is kind of like someone running onto the field at a sporting event. You don't want to identify him and encourage others to do something like this.

The man on the speedy scooter was arrested for resisting an officer and eluding. WISN says the "Milwaukee County District Attorney's office will review the case for criminal charges."

You can watch West Allis officers chasing the maniac motorist on the scorching scooter below.

*Note: Even though I had fun writing this story, it is never ok to elude the police. Ever.
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