What are a sports fan's two favorite things? Well, one is obviously sports, and two is likely beer. They were made for each other. Assuming you're not actually playing the sport, they're often enjoyed together.

One restaurant/bar figured out a secret that should have been super obvious: combining BOTH into one magical location.

A must-visit restaurant/bar in Wisconsin

Located about 2 and a half short hours from Cedar Rapids, and just slightly more from Waterloo, there's a restaurant and sports bar that mixes two passions: beer (and food) along with a sport. One that you can easily and safely play after a couple of brewskies: wiffle ball.

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Built in 1998 and owned and operated by a local baseball team owner, Rookies Food & Spirits has an impressive interior, filled with a hall-of-fame-worthy amount of sports memorabilia. It also has an entire, full-sized wiffle ball field on its premises.

Rookies Food & Spirits
Rookies Food & Spirits

The field can be booked for parties and even has a clubhouse. If you're curious if you can smack a dinger, the dimensions of the fences are roughly 85 feet in left field, 113 feet to straightaway centerfield, and if you can muster the strength, you can hit a homer by launching the ball 110 down the right field line.

If you're not sure about the wiffle ball, you can still visit the restaurant/bar for the food and memorabilia. If your family isn't into the whole sports thing... tell them to wait in the car. Batter up!

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