We're all too familiar by now with the story of the ill-fated ship 'Titanic'. Even before the blockbuster movie, the ship that sank after hitting an iceberg on it's maiden voyage was one of the saddest tales in history. Thousands died. There weren't enough life boats. The band played on. Has the time come that we're all ready to set sail on 'Titanic' again? A billionaire from Australia is betting on it.

Clive Palmer's company Blue Star Line, is planning on building an exact replica of 'Titanic'. It will be physically identical to the original ship, right down to the height, length and the different classes of tickets sold. However, it WILL feature updated navigation and safety equipment including the proper number of life boats. You can take a look at what the new ship will look like, compared to pictures of the first 'Titanic' HERE.

If plans go ahead for the construction of the ship, 'Titanic 2' will set sail in 2018 Jiangsu in eastern China and head to Dubai. I say if you're going to recreate history, why not head to Southampton and then to New York. Only this time, complete the journey.


[via MetroUK]