You're sitting at your desk or cubicle when you see the email in your inbox. Debbie brought donuts. They're in the breakroom. Todd is sharing treats his wife made. They're in the kitchen area. You bolt from your chair and take part in the office feeding frenzy. I used to think this was only a radio thing. But it turns out it happens in offices everywhere, and now we know why.

There are three main reasons we fly towards free food. The first is that it's a biological instinct. If we don't, we might starve. It's also why we can't resist free samples at grocery stores. Secondly, it's a learned behavior. We spend our whole lives grabbing as much food as we can. Candy on Halloween, or out of a pinata or being the first in line for birthday cake. Finally, it's a great bonding experience. Eating with someone builds trust, so it's important to do with co-workers. Now hurry up! Beth made monster cookies!


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