Yes. I am a Taylor Swift fan. Let's just get that part out of the way first. But I'm not writing this because I'm a Taylor Swift fan, I'm writing this because sometimes we treat women in the spotlight like total garbage.

In case you haven't heard, Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Calvin Harris ended their relationship a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, a photo surfaced of Taylor kissing fellow celebrity Tom Hiddleston. So of course, people are OUTRAGED.

This is the part I'm not understanding.

Taylor Swift is a girl in her mid-twenties, and just like a lot of people I know that are in their mid-twenties, women AND men, she has an active dating life. Yes, she's dated quite a few people, but not any more than any other non-celebrity I know. I mean, have you SEEN how many people are on Tinder?!

So why do we hear about her dating life so much? Because the media reports on every single detail of her life that they possibly can. Yes, that's part of being a celebrity, I GET IT. She knows what it's like to be in the spotlight and deal with paparazzi at every turn. But why does that mean she should have to keep all of her relationships secret? Because YOU think the number of people she's dated is "too high," she should have to hide the person that she's with from the entire world? Absolutely not. Lots of celebrities are able to keep their relationships on the down-low, but a lot of those celebrities aren't as high-profile as Taylor Swift. And yeah, she does write her music based on personal experiences and relationships, but so does EVERY OTHER SONGWRITER THAT HAS EVER EXISTED.

"But Courtlin, Taylor is already kissing another guy TWO WEEKS after her break-up! That means she's a slut!"

No. It doesn't. And that's an awful word to call someone, especially somebody you don't even know.

Is there some sort of rule on how long after a break-up you are allowed to start dating again? Did I miss that passage in "Dating 101"? I know people who have started dating two days after, and I know people that didn't date for years. How quick you are to date again depends on you as an individual and your previous relationship and how quickly somebody you're interested in comes into your life. Since when can we control who we have feelings for and when?

"But Courtlin, there's a video of Taylor Swift dancing with Tom Hiddleston at the MET Gala! That obviously means she was cheating on Calvin!"

Again, no. That means nothing. You've never danced with a person you weren't dating just for fun? The media is so quick to speculate and jump to conclusions.

We don't know the details of Taylor and Calvin's relationship. And we don't need to know. It's honestly none of our business. Why we as a society are so quick to judge strangers' relationships is totally beyond me. I mean, look at Blake and Miranda! The second they broke up, people were taking sides without knowing ONE SINGLE DETAIL. Forget their music, forget their accomplishments, forget all the good they've done for charity organizations and their fans, let's judge them based on their PERSONAL ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS. I mean, come ON. Taylor has done so many amazing things for her fans. She's gone above and beyond almost every other celebrity I can think of. Why are we letting her dating life influence us more than the wonderful things she has done for others?

I'm not saying you have to listen to Taylor Swift. I'm not saying you even have to like her. What do I care? All I'm saying is maybe care a little less about her romantic relationships. I'm sure you don't like when people butt into yours. Just because she's in the public eye doesn't mean we have a right to be total jerks. And this goes for all celebrities, men and women, but especially women because they seem to be the ones getting crap the most.

If we all cared as much about our own relationships as we do about those of celebrities, the world would be a better place.