If you were in Des Moines last weekend you might have glanced up at the city skyline and swore you saw a familiar sight. Was that the Batman signal shining on the facade of a building in Iowa? Indeed it was. But fear not, citizens of the Hawkeye State, the caped crusader is here to help!

The bat signal shined brightly on the Mariott and Ruan Center Building in Des Moines on Sunday evening. Unfortunately for fans, this was no real-life comic book caper come to life. The Des Moines Register reports that it all was part of a photoshoot done by a group called The Iowa League of Heroes.

The Iowa League of Heroes uses comic book heroes like Batman and Spiderman to encourage positivity for Iowa families, according to the Register. The group was in the midst of a two-hour shoot and the bat signal was a big part of the night's activities. The group posted on their Facebook page that they "can't wait to tell you about all the adventures". The group promised more information soon on what they'd been filming.

The Register reports that the group intends to use the photos to promote World Batman Day on September 17th. The League of Iowa Heroes promises more details will be coming as the day of celebration gets closer. Keep your eyes to the sky, bat fans!


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