A group of Fairfax residents proclaims they are as patriotic as anyone--but they say that, like anyone, they also want their peace, quiet--and sleep.

When the wind gusts are heavy, as they have been frequently recently here in Eastern Iowa, it draws even more attention to an already very noticeable, 3200-square-foot American flag at the Fairfax State Savings Bank. It also lights up brightly at night, but we'll get to why that's not really a consistent issue in a minute.

KCRG says folks in the neighborhood are aggravated even though the flag was only meant to be displayed on Flag Day (which took place earlier this week), 4th of July, Memorial Day, and other patriotic holidays. They said the noise on windy days and the brightness of the flag at night bother them. Officials at Fairfax State Savings Bank responded, saying "it was not to upset anyone; we wanted to have a landmark that Fairfax could be proud of."

Again, it was also reiterated that the flag would only be flown six days a year. Even that is apparently too much for some concerned citizens, who went to the city council with their concerns. They say it violates the town's "nuisance" ordinance but that may not be the case, as the council didn’t take action and suggested the group work with the bank.

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The bank, for its part, is apologetic that its attempt at providing a standout landmark for Fairfax has been so problematic.

I'm not going to say the concerned citizens are wrong or question their patriotism, but there are two reasons I think they can buck up and live with it. First, as mentioned, it's only going to be up six days a year. Secondly, are there not bigger nuisances to worry about these days? I know that doesn't comfort anyone who has a problem with it.

It's like if I were to complain about the Hiawatha Boy Scouts putting a flag in my actual yard without asking on every one of these holidays. I just won't.

By the time this story gets to you, the "nuisance" Fairfax flag will likely be on its next temporary hiatus until the 4th of July. We'll keep you posted on if and how the situation is resolved by then.

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