Last night's outbreak of severe weather across Eastern Iowa was a bit intense. Hail, high winds, and yes, multiple tornadoes roared across the area last night. Chances are if you were under an area that was in the direct path of a tornado, you took shelter. But the rest of us? Heck no! We were out on our porches and yards trying to get a better look! What is it about living in Iowa and our love of severe weather?

I'll admit it. I'm just as bad as anyone. I grew up on a farm north of Anamosa, and when big storms rolled in from the west, we had a perfect view of what was coming. I can remember my brother and I outside watching a storm cell move towards us with lightning and high winds and not giving a rip! It wasn't until one of our parents yelled at us to get in the house that we finally moved. At least someone cared we were in the direct path of lightening!

I found out last night that I passed on my love of storms to my daughter Carly. As the sirens sounded in Linn County last night, she stood on the porch and watched the amazing cloud to cloud lightening display. I was right inside of course, monitoring the radar. I did eventually make her come inside when things began to pick up. I did NOT pass on this love of severe weather to my youngest, Cayleigh. I think I've mentioned it before but she still suffers from some bad memories of last August's derecho. She was not of fan of last nights events, and even shed some tears when the sirens sounded. I assured her we were OK, and this was nothing like what happened last year.

So to all you amateur storm chasers out there, don't loose your passion for understanding the weather. But also remember to have respect for the power of these storms. There's nothing wrong with viewing them from a distance. Just know when it's time to head inside. I think I hear my Dad yelling, right now.

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