Don't Fall For This Pet Scam!

Scams are getting stranger and stranger these days. I think the reason for this is that scammers keep getting smarter and smarter. Scammers are targeting people with things that they care about or something that is top of mind.

Scams, where the perpetrators pretend to be from Amazon, are pretty common, but this new scam targets our love for our furry friends.

These scammers know how to target people and figure out what they can possibly fall for.

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An Iowan is one of the victims of this trick that's been rapidly growing in popularity, as reported in Radio Iowa.

According to authorities, the scammers are overseas and specifically targeting Americans. They know how much we truly care about our pets. This is why these criminals are listing puppies and some other animals for sale online. When someone moves forward with interest for the animal, the scammer will try to arrange via email or texts the delivery of this animal.


The perpetrator will try to arrange for the victim to get the animal through a sort of delivery service. Officials claim that these scammers also set up a fake delivery service and demanded more and more money from the victim.

The Iowan who fell victim to this scam is from Fruitland, IA. She paid approximately $2,000 for a miniature-dachshund, but the pup never arrived at her door. It was a scam.

Now, this is why you should adopt and not shop.


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